High-Throughput Screening of Electrolytes for the Next Generation of Rechargeable Batteries

Project Personnel

Tao Li

Principal Investigator

Northern Illinois University


Yang Zhang


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Anh Ngo


University of Illinois, Chicago


Funding Divisions

Division of Materials Research (DMR), Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET)

Rechargeable batteries have become one of the most popular energy storage devices for electric vehicles, electronics, and grid energy storage. Developing novel electrolytes for the next generation of rechargeable batteries require more understanding of transport properties, microstructures, and the impact of microstructure on transport property. In this project, the investigators will systematically vary the composition and concentration of the electrolytes to determine the optimum solution for advanced rechargeable batteries. The success of the proposed research will provide high throughput experimentation/characterization and machine learning platforms. Moreover, the integrated research and educational programs will broadly impact the university, secondary education, and the general public. The research results will be into the investigators' courses and be used to train undergraduate and graduate students in the interdisciplinary research areas. New educational outreach initiatives include having an Electrolyte for Energy Storage workshop for local high school students and teachers each fall to enhance the broader impact of this NSF project.