Semiconductor Heterostructure Platform for Active Nonlocal Plasmonic and Hyperbolic Materials

Project Personnel

Viktor Podolskiy

Principal Investigator

University of Massachusetts, Lowell


Claire Gmachl

Princeton University


Daniel Wasserman

University of Texas, Austin


Evgeniy Narimanov

Purdue University


Funding Divisions

Division of Materials Research (DMR), Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ECCS)

Multilayered composites, designed to combine the properties of reflective metals and transparent dielectrics, have the potential to revolutionize optical microscopy, control emission of molecules, and even to enable cloaks of invisibility. However, until now the advantages achieved with multilayered structures have been limited. Decreasing layer thickness, reducing absorption, and implementing optical gain have been named as some of the possible ways to advance the optics of multilayered media towards its revolutionary potential. In this project, our collaborative team will aim to understand, through carefully designed experimental, computational, and analytical studies, the optical response of free-electron plasma that underlines the photonics of multilayered composites. Of particular interest will be the limits of small layer thickness where quantum-mechanical effects are expected to manifest themselves, and the interaction between optical gain and loss. The program will present new opportunities for engaging students in interdisciplinary research and thus improve competitiveness of the US high-tech workforce. The team members will also implement a number of outreach events to broaden participation of school-aged and undergraduate students in STEM.


Directional Emission of Rhodamine 6G on Top of a Silver Grating
E. K. Tanyi, S. Mashhadi, S. D. Bhattacharyya, T. Galfsky, V. Menon, E. Simmons, V. A. Podolskiy, N. Noginova, M. A. Noginov
Rigorous Diffraction Interface Theory
C. M. Roberts, V. A. Podolskiy
Ultra-thin Enhanced-absorption Long-wave Infrared Detectors
S. H. Wang, N. Yoon, A. Kamboj, P. Petluru, W. H. Zheng, D. Wasserman
Nanoscale Fingerprinting with Hyperbolic Metamaterials
Z. Y. Huang, T. B. Norris, E. Narimanov
Subdiffraction Limited Photonic Funneling of Light
K. Li, E. Simmons, A. Briggs, L. Nordin, J. Xu, V. Podolskiy, D. Wasserman
Enhanced Emission from Ultra-thin Long Wavelength Infrared Superlattices on Epitaxial Plasmonic Materials
L. Nordin, K. Li, A. Briggs, E. Simmons, S. R. Bank, V. A. Podolskiy, D. Wasserman
Spinning Radiation from Topological Insulator in Metamaterials, Metadevices, and Metasystems 2019
E. Khan, E. E. Narimanov, N. Engheta, M.A. Noginov, N.I. Zheludev
Classical to Quantum Transitions in Multilayer Plasmonic Metamaterials in 2019 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
E. Simmons, K. Li, A. F. Briggs, S. R. Bank, D. Wasserman, E. Narimanov, V. A. Podolskiy
Enhanced Room Temperature Infrared LEDs using Monolithically Integrated Plasmonic Materials
A. F. Briggs, L. Nordin, A. J. Muhowski, E. Simmons, P. Dhingra, M. L. Lee, V. A. Podolskiy, D. Wasserman, S. R. Bank
Engineering the Berreman Mode in Mid-infrared Polar Materials
I. Khan, Z. Y. Fang, M. Palei, J. C. Lu, L. Nordin, E. L. Simmons, O. Dominguez, S. M. Islam, H. L. G. Xing, D. Jena, V. A. Podolskiy, D. Wasserman, A. J. Hoffman
Hyperbolic Metamaterial Photonic Funnels in 2020 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
K. Li, E. Simmons, A. Briggs, J. Xu, Y. Cheng, R. T. Chen, S. Bank, V. A. Podolskiy, D. Wasserman
Ballistic metamaterials
K. Li, E. Simmons, A. F. Briggs, S. R. Bank, D. Wasserman, V. A. Podolskiy, E. E. Narimanov
Stimulated Emission in Vicinity of the Critical Angle
J. K. Asane, M. G. R. Chowdhury, K. M. Khabir, V. A. Podolskiy, M. A. Noginov
Ghost-induced Exact Degeneracies
S. Debnath, E. Khan, E. E. Narimanov
Extending Plasmonic Response to the Mid-wave Infrared with All-epitaxial Composites
A. J. Muhowski, E. Simmons, K. Li, E. E. Narimanov, V. A. Podolskiy, D. Wasserman
Photonic Hypercrystals for Control of Light-matter Interactions
T. Galfsky, J. Gu, E. E. Narimanov, V. M. Menon
Mid-infrared Epsilon-near-zero Modes in Ultra-thin Phononic Films
L. Nordin, O. Dominguez, C. M. Roberts, W. Streyer, K. Feng, Z. Fang, V. A. Podolskiy, A. J. Hoffman, D. Wasserman
Metasurface-enhanced Transparency
C. M. Roberts, T. A. Cook, V. A. Podolskiy
Electromagnenic Ghost Waves in 2018 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
E. Narimanov

Research Highlights

Enhanced Room Temperature Infrared LEDs
Podolskiy V, Wasserman D
Photonic Funnels
Podolskiy V, Wasserman D