Structure Genome of Metal-Insulator Transitions

Project Personnel

James Rondinelli

Principal Investigator

Email: [email protected]

Ram Seshadri

Stephen Wilson

Susanne Stemmer

Funding Divisions

Division of Materials Research (DMR), Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (OAC)

The world has seen an enormous increase in computing power, but the current path forward for the semiconductor industry is beset with roadblocks. A different strategy for a future generation of electronic devices is based on materials which exist in multiple electronic states. In other words, they undergo metal-to-insulator transitions. The project aims to design and discover materials exhibiting such transitions. These materials may exhibit the necessary large electrical resistivity changes for low-power microelectronics. The strategy is to control properties by structural design at the atomic scale and employ a tightly integrated combination of experiment, theory, and data-mining of the literature.