Bridge Opportunity for Transfer Student Success

Community   college   transfer   students   have   been 
targeted   as   a   critical   population   where   lasting   impacts   can   be 
achieved  via  an  in-house  summer  program  Bridge  Opportunity  for 
Transfer  student  Success  (BOTS).  Laboratory-based  research  in  the 
summer during the transition to Colorado School of Mines (CSM) from 
community colleges has been the focus of this program.   
In  2018,  CSM  supported  seven  students  as  they  transitioned  to 
Mines  under  the  leadership  of  this  grant.  Students  synthesized  new 
crystalline  materials  to  assess  thermoelectric  performance.  Further, 
students   learned   about   computationally-driven   discovery   through 
interfacing with theory partners