A New Paradigm for Accessing Chemical Information

In  the  1960s  work  began  toward  the  personal  computer  –  a landmark  in information  processing.    Since  then,  devices  to  access and analyze information have become smaller, faster, cheaper, easier to use and more powerful.


In the 1960s work also began toward the glucometer - a landmark in chemical information processing. Since then, instruments to access and  analyze  chemical  information  have  generally  become  larger, more expensive and require specially-trained users.  


Why have these trajectories been so markedly different?  And, how can we apply the power of information processing to the “harvesting” chemical information?


In  this  work,  we  are  building  materials  interfaces  that  enable molecular information to be accessed electrochemically.  By tailoring electrical  inputs,  we  aim  to  access  increasingly  complex  chemical information.

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