Enlisting Synbio for Molecular Communication

Divergent approaches to process information:
•Electronics use electrons
•Biology uses ions & molecules

We are developing enabling technologies that employ redox as a modality to span bio-device communication.

Create materials and enlist mechanisms for redox-based signaling:
•Biofabricate multi-functional thin films from stimuli-responsive self-assembling polysaccharides
•Dual film system is electrofabricated with bio-signal transducer film and redox-capacitor film
•Enlist synthetic biology to recognize and transduce molecular information into redox-active intermediate
•Synbio construct recognizes signaling molecule and transduces to a redox intermediate (PAP)
•Detect redox active intermediate as an amplified electrical signal
•Redox-capacitor engages PAP in a redox-cycling mechanism that amplifies electrical output

Additional Materials