Workforce Development by Advancing MGI Competencies

Data,   computation,   and   experiment   are   key   pillars   for   achieving competencies  required  for  the  future  of  manufacturing  and  cross-cutting, convergent,  and  interdependent  fields  of  research  that  could  offer  long-term  economic  impact  and  enhance  the  national  security  of  the  United States.   The   DMREF   project   advanced   next   generation   workforce competencies     in     data     handling,     atomistic     methods,     advanced experimentation,  and  integrated  workflows  through  data-driven  research projects.  To  that  end,  both  Raymond  Wang  and  Peiwen  Ren  developed these  skills  and  successfully  graduated  with  PhD  and  BS  degrees, respectively,  from  Northwestern  University  and  gave  them  competitive advantages to secured positions in industry:

  • •Dr.   Raymond  Wang   is   a   Research   Scientist   at  ByteDance   Inc., focusing   on   AI-driven   computational   drug   discovery   (specifically, geometric deep learning for drug molecule design)
  • •Mr. Peiwen Ren is research staff at QuesTek Innovations, focusing on computational   methods   to   develop   new   high-performance   alloys, which  is  well  known  for  their  Materials  Genome  Initiative  style  of research.

Peiwen Ren also received the Hilliard Award for Undergraduate Research and Design by the MSE Department at Northwestern. This award has only been awarded for computational research once in the last ten years.

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