Evidence for Spin Swapping in an Antiferromagnet

In outreach activities, we have sought to inspire the next generation  of  researchers  from  different  age  groups  and backgrounds.  We  have  focused  on  building  approachable and adaptive demonstrations of scientific experiments for K-12 classrooms, including in-person and virtual projects. We are  also  working  with  undergraduate  students  within  the department  on  their  research  projects  to  kickstart  their career.


This  year,  we  have  added  a  focus  of  serving underrepresented  communities  and  helped  undergraduate students from these communities plan their career. A DMREF funded PhD student served as a graduate student mentor and representative for the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin Out for Undergrad (O4U) Engineering  Conference  2021.  This  yearly  event  helps undergraduate students from LGBTQ+ communities connect with  people  from  various  industries,  scientific  research communities and graduate schools.

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