Self-assembled Peptide-π-electron Supramolecular Polymers for Bioinspired Energy Harvesting, Transport and Management

Undergraduate and High School Research. At JHU, undergraduates Rachel Barrows and Celina Nichols worked on biosensitive electronic devices, and Clara Troyano-Valls on heterostructure self-sorting. Clara will enter MIT for graduate work in Chemical Engineering. At Chicago, undergraduate Olivia Dunne and high school senior Isabella Moughal worked on molecular simulations of peptides. Isabella will attend UIUC for an undergraduate degree in engineering. At UIUC, high school student Dina Hashash developed 3D visualizations of assembled oligopeptides.

Broad Dissemination. All computational codes have been hosted on GitHub (, simulation trajectories on the Materials Data Facility (, and a project webpage provides information about the team and research outcomes ( 

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