Nitride Semiconductor’s Family Expanded

In  this  project,  the family  was  expanded  to  the    II-IV-  nitrides,  in  which  the  group  III  cations  are replaced  by  combinations  of  group  II  and  group  IV  atoms. These  include  several  sustainable  elements  (Zn,  Mg,  Si,  Sn).  In the  last  year  we  tripled  the  number  of compounds in this family for which accurate band structures, and a number of their fundamental  properties,  are  predicted, 1,2 including  some  of  the  defect  properties 3. This  work  aims  to  open  new  opportunities  in  band  structure  engineering;  for example, new devices based on the large band offset between ZnGeN2 and GaN. 4A custom-designed metallorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) instrument for the growth of these materials and structures will soon be operational.

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