MOVCD of Complex Nitride Semiconductors

A unique, custom-designed research instrument for metal-organic chemical  vapor  deposition  (MOCVD)  is  enabling  the  synthesis  and study  of  complex  nitride  semiconductors,  such  as  ZnGeN21,  and alloys  and  heterostructures  of  these  materials,  alone  and  in combination with the binary nitrides (Al,Ga,In)N. 2 The binary nitrides are  the  basis  for  the  current  revolution  in  lighting  technology.  The possibility  of  expanding  this  family  into  novel  device  structures  is  a promising route toward overcoming some of the intrinsic limitations to the  technology.  This  work  on  a  new  mixed  compound  (ZnGeN2)(GaN)2, and advancing the quality of MOCVD grown of ZnGeN2, are important steps toward realizing ultrathin heterostructures for use in novel  devices.  The  MGI concept  of  repeated  feedback  between theoretical prediction and experimental realization has been crucial to the success of this effort. The optimization, fabrication and testing of specific device designs are the ultimate goal.

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