Unique Properties of One-Dimensional Materials

We synthesized and investigated MoI3, a van der Waals material with a  “true  one-dimensional”  crystal  structure  that  can  be  exfoliated  to individual atomic chains.


Machine  learning  allowed  to  establish  the  existence  of  MoI3  with  1D crystal structure as opposed to the previously suggested 2D structure.


The  temperature  evolution  of  Raman  spectroscopic  features  reveals anomalous behavior suggesting a phase transition of magnetic origin.


Theoretical   considerations   indicate   that   MoI3   is   an   easy-plane antiferromagnet  with  alternating  spins  along  the  dimerized  chains  and with inter-chain helical spin ordering.


The   calculated   frequencies   of   the   phonons   and   magnons   are consistent with the interpretation of the experimental Raman data.


The  obtained  results  shed  light  on  the  specifics  of  the  phononic  and magnonic states in MoI3 and provide a strong motivation for further study of this unique material with potential for future spintronic applications.

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