Broadening Participation in Electronic Materials Research through Knowledge and Data Exchange

Enhancing Access to Data. In collaboration with DMR-1729489, we are working to deliver an open data/software ecosystem by disseminating broadly research data through the Metals and Insulators through Structural Tuning (MIST) website hosted on (  Both open and private repositories of data and code are accessible to team members and general community users. The ecosystem currentkyincludes:
•>50 different features for machine leanring
•>100 MIT compounds for model training
•>100 temperature-dependent transport data (contributed by many)

Bringing Advances into the Classroom. Rondinelli developed a new graduate course titled “Displacive and Nonmetal-to-Metal Transitions,” which leverages use-cases from the DMREF project and course material developed from Seshadri (DMR-1729489) on structure-driven MITs.

Additional Materials