Scientists as Ambassadors

International collaborations provide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons while also serving as ambassadors to the world.  Our team enjoys extensive international collaborations which can provide opportunities for students to study abroad.  Two graduate students who worked on this project were able to exploit these opportunities for such collaborations.


Jessica L. Terrrell worked in Trento Italy during her PhD studies. Her work  enabled  her  to  deepen  her  understanding  of  how  bio-nano-micro fabrication technologies can be integrated. Since completing her  PhD,  Dr.  Terrell  has  been  working  at  the  Army  Research Laboratory.


Tanya Tschirhart, worked in Singapore during her PhD studies.  There, she  expanded  her  knowledge  of  synthetic  biology,  and  after graduating, Dr. Tschirhart joined the Naval Research Laboratory where she is investigating  novel microorganisms for synthetic biology.

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