Evidence for Spin Swapping in an Antiferromagnet

In  accordance  with  the  MGI  mission  to  convert  materials discovery to application as quickly as possible, the LaFeO3material  we  studied  has  now  been  incorporated  into  spin caloritronic devices. Our discovery helps to set the stage for potential  commercialization  of  conversion  of  parallel temperature gradients to a voltage. For the MGI workforce development,  we  have  developed  a  tight  theory-materials synthesis-device  characterization  collaboration.  We  have held regular group meetings over the course of our project where each team member has become intimately acquainted with  the  details  of  the  other  components  of  the  DMREF project.


A  schematic  description  of  our  material  system  and  route towards new spintronic devices, and our research feedback loop is shown on the right.

Additional Materials