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AFRL, National Science Foundation, academia converge in Miami Valley to accelerate materials discovery to deployment

12/22/2023 | By Gail L. Forbes

The Air Force Research Laboratory, the National Science Foundation, and representatives from some of the nation’s leading academic institutions recently joined forces in Ohio, for the NSF’s DMREF and AFRL Kickoff. The two-day event provided a rare opportunity for members of AFRL’s world-class science and technology workforce to share scientific plans with fellow materials researchers from some of the country’s most distinguished universities to accelerate the transition of new materials from design to deployment in support of the nation’s warfighters over the next four years. 


NSF Appoints New DMR Division Director

10/6/2023 | By Divya Abhat

In early 2023, the National Science Foundation (NSF) appointed Germano Iannacchione as the new Division Director of its Division of Materials Research (DMR)—a division with a critical objective to invest in the discovery, development, and design of new materials.


NSF Invests $72.5 Million to Design Revolutionary Materials


NSF supports 37 teams to create novel materials to address grand societal challenges and develop the scientific and engineering workforce of tomorrow.


NSF Announces New Solicitation for its DMREF Program


Awards could range from $1.5-$2 million over four years.


From Theory to Application: How the DMREF Program Helps Accelerate Advanced Materials Research

10/20/2021 | By Divya Abhat

What began as a small program with roughly 14 projects has now expanded to more than 200 projects. DMREF teams from universities across the U.S. collaborate to discover, develop, and help manufacture new materials.

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1/18/2023 - 1/18/2023

Overview of 2023 DMREF Solicitation 23-530


During this webinar, DMREF leadership will describe and discuss the latest solicitation

10/17/2022 - 11/17/2022

Materials Laboratories of the Future: Instrumentation and Infrastructure to Accelerate the Unification of the Materials Innovation Infrastructure.

The NSF Division of Materials Research is sponsoring a series of workshops that will identify critical gaps, essential needs, and emerging opportunities in instrumentation and infrastructure needed to help keep the United States at the forefront of materials research.

6/27/2022 - 6/28/2022

Materials Genome Initiative Accelerating Materials Research, 5th Principal Investigator Meeting

College Park, Maryland

1/1/2021 - 1/31/2021

2021 HybriD3 Theory Training Workshop

This workshop, held virtually in January 2021, introduced students and other early-career scientists to the theory and practical applications of atomistic modeling techniques in materials science, chemistry, and condensed matter physics, particularly first-principles electronic structure calculations. Organizers offered a three-day program of lectures and simple hands-on sessions, designed to provide an entry point to the current most important, density-functional theory based simulation approaches in computational molecular and materials science.

3/26/2018 - 3/27/2018

Materials Genome Initiative Accelerating Materials Research, 4th Principal Investigator Meeting

College Park, Maryland

1/11/2016 - 1/12/2016

Materials Genome Initiative Accelerating Materials Research, 3rd Principal Investigator Meeting

Bethesda, Maryland

1/12/2015 - 1/15/2015

DOE/NSF Materials Genome Initiative, 2nd Annual Principal Investigator Meeting

Bethesda, Maryland