Workforce Development

MGI workforce development is a key component of the DMREF program. The following events and resources highlight that effort.

2021 HybriD3 Theory Training Workshop

This workshop, held virtually in January 2021, introduced students and other early-career scientists to the theory and practical applications of atomistic modeling techniques in materials science, chemistry, and condensed matter physics, particularly first-principles electronic structure calculations. Organizers offered a three-day program of lectures and simple hands-on sessions, designed to provide an entry point to the current most important, density-functional theory based simulation approaches in computational molecular and materials science.

Building a Materials Data Infrastructure: Opening New Pathways to Discovery and Innovation in Science and Engineering

The availability of increasingly sophisticated experimental and computational tools provides scientists and engineers with new opportunities, but harnessing the vast amounts of data generated from these new approaches presents a challenge. Building a Materials Data Infrastructure, funded by the DMREF program, identifies and prioritizes these challenges, while also providing actionable recommendations for addressing them.

Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF)