Data Reproducibility and Traceability forCommunity Materials Databases: Qresp for MatD3

The discovery of new materials as well as the determination of a vast set of materials properties for science and technology is a fast-growing field of research, with contributions from many groups worldwide.

Volker Blum

The  discovery  of  new  materials  as  well  as  the determination  of  a  vast  set  of  materials  properties for science  and  technology  is  a  fast-growing  field  of  research, with  contributions  from  many  groups  worldwide.  Materials data  from  individual  research  groups  is  traditionally disseminated  by  means  of  loosely  interconnected,  peer-reviewed  publications.  The  combined  Qresp  MatD3  solution allows researchers to enter their data as well as associated publication  and  reproducibility  information  in  a  single workflow:  i)  Creation  of  a  MatD3  entry  with  simultaneous generation of the corresponding metadata for Qresp curation and  exploration;    ii)  Generation  of  Qresp  metadata  for  an already  existing  MatD3  entry,  and  iii)  Generation  of  MatD3entries from Qresp metadata.

Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF)