Training Graduate Students in the Art of MOCVD

Graduate students Dinushi Jayatunga and Reza Karim collaborating on a growth sequence in the MOCVD instrument

W. Lambrecht, K.Kash, H. Zhao

This  project  offers  extraordinary  opportunities  for  graduate students  to  gain  valuable  experience  across  different  areas  of expertise and disciplines. An outstanding example is given by Dinushi Jayatunga, who did both the theoretical work on ZnGeGa2N4 and the first  growth  of  this  material  by  MOCVD.  She  works  closely  with electrical  engineering  graduate  student  Reza  Karim  and  other collaborators  in  electrical  engineering  and  materials  science.  The project  also  offers  the  students  the  opportunity  to  “close  the  loop” between  fundamental  theoretical  and  experimental  studies  and applications to new technology.

Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF)