Establishing the Platform of Quasi-one-dimensional Topological Insulators with Emergent Functionalities

Project Personnel

Chun Ning Lau

Principal Investigator

Ohio State University


Fan Zhang

University of Texas, Dallas


Ming Yi

William Marsh Rice University


Bing Lv

University of Texas, Dallas


Robert Birgeneau

University of California, Berkeley


Funding Divisions

Division of Materials Research (DMR), Office of Multidisciplinary Activities (OMA)

This program aims at addressing some of the major challenges facing three-dimensional (3D) and 2D topological insulators (TIs), by establishing the physics platform and materials database of various quasi-1D topological materials with emergent functionalities. Our goals are: (1). design and optimization of quasi-1D TI candidates; (2). synthesis and characterization of the materials; (3). demonstration of phase transitions between different topological phases by strain and/or temperature; (4). the search for 2D TIs in atomically thin layers of quasi-1D materials. 

Synergistic and iterative collaborations have been established among the five team members with strong and diverse expertise in theory and computation, materials synthesis, spin- and angle- resolved photoemission spectroscopy, nanofabrication and quantum transport, and neutron and x-ray scattering. Successful implementation of the program will actualize the potentials offered by quasi-1D materials in the realization and discovery of a variety of topological quantum phases including tuning their topological phase transitions. These advances will ultimately pave the way for the realization of fault-tolerant quantum computing and novel spintronic devices for next-generation information technology. 


Impact of Electric Field Disorder on Broken-Symmetry States in Ultraclean Bilayer Graphene
F. R. Geisenhof, F. Winterer, A. M. Seiler, J. Lenz, F. Zhang, and R. T. Weitz
Sep 2022
A Three-Stage Magnetic Phase Transition Revealed in Ultrahigh-Quality van der Waals Bulk Magnet CrSBr
W. H. Liu, X. Y. Guo, J. Schwartz, H. C. Xie, N. U. Dhale, S. H. Sung, A. L. N. Kondusamy, X. Q. Wang, H. A. Zhao, D. Berman, R. Hovden, L. Y. Zhao, and B. Lv
Sep 2022
Quantum Cascade of Correlated Phases in Trigonally Warped Bilayer Graphene
A. M. Seiler, F. R. Geisenhof, F. Winterer, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, T. Y. Xu, F. Zhang, and R. T. Weitz
Aug 2022
Uncovering Topological Edge States in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
M. Fortin-Deschenes, R. Pu, Y. F. Zhou, C. Ma, P. Cheung, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, F. Zhang, X. Du, and F. N. Xia
Jul 2022
Evidence of a Room-temperature Quantum Spin Hall Edge State in a Higher-order Topological Insulator
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Jul 2022
Intelligent Infrared Sensing Enabled by Tunable Moire Quantum Geometry
C. Ma, S. F. Yuan, P. Cheung, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, F. Zhang, and F. N. Xia
Apr 2022
Nonsymmorphic Symmetry-protected Band Crossings in a Square-net Metal PtPb4
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Mar 2022
New Layered Quaternary BaCu6Sn2As4-x and BaCu6Sn2P4-x phases: Crystal Growth and Physical Properties
H. L. Wu, S. Li, X. Q. Wang, S. Kwon, W. H. Liu, G. A. Ofenstein, M. J. Kim, and B. Lv
Feb 2022
Reproducibility in the Fabrication and Physics of Moire Materials
C. N. Lau, M. W. Bockrath, K. F. Mak, and F. Zhang
Feb 2022
Gate-Tunable Transport in Quasi-One-Dimensional a-Bi4I4 Field Effect Transistors
Y. L. Liu, R. Y. Chen, Z. N. Zhang, M. Bockrath, C. N. Lau, Y. F. Zhou, C. H. Yoon, S. Li, X. Y. Liu, N. Dhale, B. Lv, F. Zhang, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. W. Huang, M. Yi, J. S. Oh, and R. J. Birgeneau
Jan 2022
Quantum Anomalous Hall Octet Driven by Orbital Magnetism in Bilayer Graphene
F. R. Geisenhof, F. Winterer, A. M. Seiler, J. Lenz, T. Y. Xu, F. Zhang, and R. T. Weitz
Oct 2021
Transport Anomalies in the Layered Compound BaPt4Se6
S. Li, Y. C. Zhang, H. L. Wu, H. F. Zhai, W. H. Liu, D. P. Petit, J. S. Oh, J. Denlinger, G. T. McCandless, J. Y. Chan, R. J. Birgeneau, G. Li, M. Yi, and B. Lv
Sep 2021
Room-Temperature Topological Phase Transition in Quasi-One-Dimensional Material Bi4I4
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Aug 2021
New Verbeekite-type Polymorphic Phase and Rich Phase Diagram in the PdSe2-xTex System
W. H. Liu, M. R. Osanloo, X. Q. Wang, S. Li, N. Dhale, H. L. Wu, M. L. Van de Put, S. Tiwari, W. G. Vandenberghe, and B. Lv
Jul 2021
Engineering Symmetry Breaking in 2D Layered Materials
L. J. Du, T. Hasan, A. Castellanos-Gomez, G. B. Liu, Y. G. Yao, C. N. Lau, and Z. P. Sun
Feb 2021
Enhanced Superconductivity in the Se-substituted 1T-PdTe2
W. H. Liu, S. Li, H. L. Wu, N. Dhale, P. Koirala, and B. Lv
Jan 2021
Canted Antiferromagnetism in the Quasi-one-dimensional Iron Chalcogenide BaFe2Se4
X. Y. Liu, K. M. Taddei, S. Li, W. H. Liu, N. Dhale, R. Kadado, D. Berman, C. Dela Cruz, and B. Lv
Nov 2020
Emergent Quantum Materials
C. N. Lau, F. N. Xia, and L. Y. Cao
Sep 2020
Line Up for High-temperature Majoranas
Z. Q. Bao and F. Zhang
Aug 2020
Moire Band Topology in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
C. Ma, Q. Y. Wang, S. Mills, X. L. Chen, B. C. Deng, S. F. Yuan, C. Li, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, X. Du, F. Zhang, and F. N. Xia
Jul 2020
Novel Polymorphic Phase of BaCu2As2: Impact of Flux for New Phase Formation in Crystal Growth
H. L. Wu, S. Li, Z. Wu, X. Q. Wang, G. A. Ofenstein, S. Kwon, M. J. Kim, P. C. W. Chu, and B. Lv
Jul 2020
Zero-bias Conductance Peak in Dirac Semimetal-superconductor Devices
W. Yu, R. Haenel, M. A. Rodriguez, S. R. Lee, F. Zhang, M. Franz, D. I. Pikulin, and W. Pan
Jul 2020
Strong Mid-infrared Photoresponse in Small-twist-angle Bilayer Graphene
B. C. Deng, C. Ma, Q. Y. Wang, S. F. Yuan, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, F. Zhang, and F. N. Xia
Jun 2020
Unconventional Valley-dependent Optical Selection Rules and Landau Level Mixing in Bilayer Graphene
L. Ju, L. Wang, X. Li, S. Moon, M. Ozerov, Z. G. Lu, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, E. Mueller, F. Zhang, D. Smirnov, F. Rana, and P. L. McEuen
Jun 2020
Crystal Structure and Electronic Properties of New Compound Zr6.5Pt6Se19
H. L. Wu, H. F. Zhai, S. Li, M. Sorolla, G. T. McCandless, D. P. Petit, J. L. Y. Chan, and B. Lv
May 2020
Composite Dirac Semimetals
Z. M. Zhu, Z. M. Yu, W. K. Wu, L. F. Zhang, W. Zhang, F. Zhang, and S. Y. A. Yang
Oct 2019

Research Highlights

Discovery of Tunable Quantum Anomalous Hall Octet
Fan Zhang (University of Texas at Dallas)
Special Achievements of PI Zhang’s Students
Fan Zhang, the University of Texas at Dallas
New Topology & Tunable Superconductivity in a-Bi4I4
R.J. Birgeneau (Berkeley), C. N. Lau (Ohio St.),B. Lv, F. Zhang (UT-Dallas), M. Yi (Rice)