Award Year 2017 Projects

Accelerated Development of Damage Tolerant and Oxidation Resistant Alumina-Forming MAX Phases

Funding Division(s): CMMI, DMR

Project Lead: Miladin Radovic

Accelerating Thermoelectric Materials Discovery via Dopability Predictions

Funding Division(s): DMR, ECCS

Project Lead: Eric Toberer

Adaptive Control of Microstructure from the Microscale to the Macroscale

Funding Division(s): CMMI

Project Lead: Robert Hull

Computational Design of Next-generation Nanoscale DNA-based Materials

Funding Division(s): CBET, DMR, OMA

Project Lead: Mark Bathe

Computationally-Driven Design of Advanced Block Polymer Nanomaterials

Funding Division(s): DMR

Project Lead: Glenn Fredrickson

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