Award Year 2017 Projects

Computationally Driven-Genetically Engineered Materials (CD-GEM)

Funding Division(s): DMR

Project Lead: Jin Montclare

Design and Synthesis of Novel Materials for Spin Caloritronic Devices

Funding Division(s): DMR, OMA, ECCS

Project Lead: Gregory Fiete

GOALI: Discovery and Design of Additives for Novel Polymer Morphology and Performance

Funding Division(s): CMMI

Project Lead: Gregory Rutledge

GOALI: Integrated Framework for Design of Evolving Alloy-Oxide Heterostructures

Funding Division(s): CMMI, DMR

Project Lead: Anton Van der Ven

High Throughput Design of Metallic Glasses with Physically Motivated Descriptors

Funding Division(s): DMR, CMMI, OAC

Project Lead: Dane Morgan

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