2019 Award Year Projects

Complex Nanofeatures in Crystals: Theory and Experiment Meet in the Cloud

Funding Division(s): DMR, CMMI, DMS, OAC

PROJECT LEAD: Simon J. L. Billinge

GOALI: Accelerating Discovery of High Entropy Silicates for Extreme Environments

Funding Division(s): DMR, CMMI, OMA

PROJECT LEAD: Elizabeth Opila

The Search for Novel Superconductors in Moire Flat Bands

Funding Division(s): DMR, OMA, DMS


The Synthesis Genome: Data Mining for Synthesis of New Materials

Funding Division(s): DMR, OAC, CMMI

PROJECT LEAD: Elsa Olivetti

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Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF)