2019 Award Year Projects

Elastomers Filled with Electro- and Magneto-Active Fluid Inclusions: A New Paradigm for Soft Active Materials

Funding Division(s): DMR, OMA, CMMI, DMS

PROJECT LEAD: Oscar Lopez-Pamies

Design of Surface Functionality Through Surface Composition and Structure

Funding Division(s): DMR, CBET

PROJECT LEAD: Andrew Gellman

GOALI: Localized Phase Transformation (LPT) Strengthening for Next-Generation Superalloys

Funding Division(s): OMA, CMMI, DMR

PROJECT LEAD: Michael Mills

Complex Nanofeatures in Crystals: Theory and Experiment Meet in the Cloud

Funding Division(s): DMS, CMMI, OAC, DMR

PROJECT LEAD: Simon J. L. Billinge

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