Interface-promoted Assembly and Disassembly Processes for Rapid Manufacture and Transport of Complex Hybrid Nanomaterials

Project Personnel

Karen Wooley

Principal Investigator

Texas A&M University


William Johnson

University of Utah


Darrin Pochan

University of Delaware


Arthi Jayaraman

University of Delaware


Funding Divisions

Division of Materials Research (DMR), Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI)

The intimate combination of inorganic nanoparticles and organic polymers within nanoscopic packages of controlled sizes and shapes includes many challenges with the processes for their production and many opportunities for unique materials properties. Organic polymers are typically considered as plastics and they have physical and mechanical properties that allow them to serve common roles, such as elastic materials (clothing, tents, parachutes, etc.), containment vessels (cups, plastic bags, etc.), and high technology needs, such as optical materials (eye glasses, OLED devices, etc.), engineering materials (airplane parts, football helmets, etc.), among many others. Inorganic nanoparticles are typically rigid and often possess characteristics of magnetism, optical signaling or catalytic reactivity. This project will develop computational methods to guide approaches to rapidly discover and manufacture hybrid inorganic-organic nanostructured objects (HIONs) possessing complexity of compositions, structures, properties and functions.


Morphologic Design of Silver-Bearing Sugar-Based Polymer Nanoparticles for Uroepithelial Cell Binding and Antimicrobial Delivery
Y. Song, M. Elsabahy, C. A. Collins, S. Khan, R. Li, T. N. Hreha, Y. Shen, Y. Lin, R. A. Letteri, L. Su, M. Dong, F. Zhang, D. A. Hunstad, and K. L. Wooley
Morphologic design of sugar-based polymer nanoparticles for delivery of antidiabetic peptides
M. Elsabahy, Y. Song, N. G. Eissa, S. Khan, M. A. Hamad, and K. L. Wooley
Polypeptide organic radical batteries
T. P. Nguyen, A. D. Easley, N. Kang, S. Khan, S. Lim, Y. H. Rezenom, S. Wang, D. K. Tran, J. Fan, R. A. Letteri, X. He, L. Su, C. Yu, J. L. Lutkenhaus, and K. L. Wooley
Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Poly(d-glucose carbonate) Amphiphilic Block Copolymers in Mixed Solvents
J. Y. Lee, Y. Song, M. G. Wessels, A. Jayaraman, K. L. Wooley, and D. J. Pochan
Anionic nanoparticle and microplastic non-exponential distributions from source scale with grain size in environmental granular media
W. P. Johnson, A. Rasmuson, C. Ron, B. Erickson, K. VanNess, D. Bolster, and B. Peters
A Tale of Drug-Carrier Optimization: Controlling Stimuli Sensitivity via Nanoparticle Hydrophobicity through Drug Loading
Y. Lin, S. Khan, Y. Song, M. Dong, Y. Shen, D. K. Tran, C. Pang, F. Zhang, and K. L. Wooley
Erythrocyte-Membrane-Camouflaged Nanocarriers with Tunable Paclitaxel Release Kinetics via Macromolecular Stereocomplexation
Y. Lin, M. Elsabahy, S. Khan, F. Zhang, Y. Song, M. Dong, R. Li, J. Smolen, R. A. Letteri, L. Su, and K. L. Wooley
Degradable sugar-based magnetic hybrid nanoparticles for recovery of crude oil from aqueous environments
M. Dong, Y. Song, H. Wang, L. Su, Y. Shen, D. K. Tran, R. A. Letteri, J. A. Flores, Y. Lin, J. Li, and K. L. Wooley
In Situ Production of Ag/Polymer Asymmetric Nanoparticles via a Powerful Light-Driven Technique
R. Li, H. Wang, Y. Song, Y. Lin, M. Dong, Y. Shen, S. Khan, S. Zhang, J. Fan, F. Zhang, L. Su, and K. L. Wooley
Polymers with controlled assembly and rigidity made with click-functional peptide bundles
D. Wu, N. Sinha, J. Lee, B. P. Sutherland, N. I. Halaszynski, Y. Tian, J. Caplan, H. V. Zhang, J. G. Saven, C. J. Kloxin, and D. J. Pochan
Computational Reverse-Engineering Analysis for Scattering Experiments on Amphiphilic Block Polymer Solutions
D. J. Beltran-Villegas, M. G. Wessels, J. Y. Lee, Y. Song, K. L. Wooley, D. J. Pochan, and A. Jayaraman
Theory-Guided Targeted Delivery of Nanoparticles in Advective Environmental Porous Media
C. A. Ron, M. Dong, K. L. Wooley, and W. P. Johnson
Experiments and Simulations of Complex Sugar-Based Coil−Brush Block Polymer Nanoassemblies in Aqueous Solution
M. Dong, M. G. Wessels, J. Y. Lee, L. Su, H. Wang, R. A. Letteri, Y. Song, Y. Lin, Y. Chen, R. Li, D. J. Pochan, A. Jayaraman, and K. L. Wooley
Functional, Degradable Zwitterionic Polyphosphoesters as Biocompatible Coating Materials for Metal Nanostructures
R. Li, M. Elsabahy, Y. Song, H. Wang, L. Su, R. A. Letteri, S. Khan, G. S. Heo, G. Sun, Y. Liu, and K. L. Wooley
Construction of nanostructures in aqueous solution from amphiphilic glucose‐derived polycarbonates
S. Osumi, S. E. Felder, H. Wang, Y. Lin, M. Dong, and K. L. Wooley

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