Award Year 2021 Projects

AI-Accelerated Design of Synthesis Routes for Metastable Materials

Funding Division(s): DMR, IIS

Project Lead: Richard Hennig

AI-Guided Accelerated Discovery of Multi-Principal Element Multi-Functional Alloys

Funding Division(s): DMR, CMMI, IIS

Project Lead: Raymundo Arroyave

Computational Chemistry to Accelerate Development of Long Wave Infrared Polymers

Funding Division(s): DMR, AFRL

Project Lead: Jean-Luc Bredas

Computational Discovery of Polymeric Membranes for Dehydration of Polar Solvents

Funding Division(s): DMR, CBET, OAC

Project Lead: Clare McCabe

Computationally Driven Design of Tissue-Inspired Multifunctional Materials

Funding Division(s): CMMI, DMR

Project Lead: Berkin Dortdivanlioglu

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